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There’s so much about this Smartwatch I want to tell you. 

Here are a few of the OUTSTANDING features that would blow your mind…

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There are many variants of this smartwatch in the market but none is like this one. And here is why…


I have said so much already. Let me stop here.

One would expect a watch with all the above features to cost an arm and a leg. 

A watch of comparable quality would cost around 80-130 thousand naira.

But because our aim is to provide the best quality at an AFFORDABLE price, we have made sure that the quality is the best in the market.

But to make sure that is achieved, the watch parts and labour is sourced from a considerably cheaper market.

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What others are saying about the T500 Series 5 Smart Watch…

I love it! The fit and quality are everything for me. It was a gift from my husband and thankfully it came with two more straps. So I change the straps and it feels like I have three of it.
Dr. Bride Udoh
Medical Doctor
I am addicted to it. Even though I have other wristwatches, I have been wearing this every day since I got.
Event manager
For this price, I think this is perhaps my best buy so far. And I say this with all sense of honesty. The watch feels like it's actually worth 5x more.
Anthony Olawale
Software Engineer
I bought this because of its ability to measure the calories I burn while exercising. And it's been doing a great job in that area. Well, now, I can measure my BP any time I have the need.
Nkiru Ozoemena
HR Manager
I love how it can alert me when I have incoming calls. Especially when my phone is in my bag. Before now, I cannot count the number of important calls I have missed because of my habit of keeping my phones inside my handbag
Tolu Afolabi
Business woman

P.S. This smartwatch is more like a phone on the wrist!

It has a sim slot, a camera, a memory card slot, and a whole lot more.

It’s water and dustproof. A full HD screen that supports custom wallpaper.

You get a FREE Airpod Pro + FREE 64G memory card + FREE delivery for all orders TODAY.  

You can reach us via the following numbers to place your order: 0818450405, 08085774632.


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